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As you gather documents to prepare to file your tax returns, it is a good time to review your retirement accounts, simplify them and ensure your investment strategy continues to meet your current and future needs and goals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median amount of time that workers have been with […]

One of the primary objectives of financial planning is to ensure that individuals have more than ample spendable cash flow during all of their retirement years. Navigating the careful balance between spending too much and possibly running out of funds or spending too little and missing out on all of the potential joys of retirement […]

Memorable vacations do not happen by chance. They require a certain level of effort and advance planning to ensure that you stay within your budget and maximize your actual time away for fun, sightseeing and relaxation. The more you plan, the more likely your getaway will meet your expectations. With this in mind, it is […]

If you want to get in shape, you should establish healthy eating habits and a regular exercise schedule. Looking to play an instrument? Take lessons and start a routing of regular practice. The road to success is paved with positive behaviors and lifestyle choices. Retirement is no different. Following are six habits that soon-to-be retirees […]