Corporate Retirement Plans

Employee retirement plans are a powerful recruitment and retention tool for growing businesses. Offering a plan that enables employees to prepare for their futures and retire with dignity requires the assistance of experienced professionals who can help you navigate a range of complex regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities.

Retirement plans can take many forms, but all are more successful when education and hands-on management are part of the program. To be successful, business owners need expertise in plan design, investment options, vendors, pricing, tax laws and many other issues. The assistance of a dedicated advisor, who can share best practices, steer you from mistakes and serve as an objective source of information for employees, is a valuable asset.

Among the services we bring to your company:

Plan Design

Plan design can be an effective tool for tax planning, recruiting, key-employee retention and asset preservation. Our team evaluates a range of plan designs available under the Internal Revenue Code to assist you in structuring a qualified retirement plan that meets your objectives.

As the employee demographics change, we continually review the plan design to ensure the company’s objectives are being met.

Investment Products

Providing the participants of your plan with the most cost-effective solutions and investment alternatives is an important component of meeting your fiduciary obligations. As the retirement market evolves, new products and features will be introduced and pricing structures will inherently change. We conduct provider searches on a regular basis to verify that you are offering the most cost-effective solution.

Employee Education

We focus on helping plan participants prepare for the increasing costs of retirement. We educate your employees on the benefits of participating in the plan by putting information into simple terms.

We can design an educational program that best suits your organization and employees. Our goal is to equip your employees with the knowledge to make the right financial decisions for themselves.

Meeting Fiduciary Responsibilities

ERISA 404(a)(1) requires a plan fiduciary to discharge his or her duties for the exclusive purposes of providing benefits to participants and their beneficiaries and defraying reasonable expenses of administering the plan.

We help you mitigate fiduciary liability by holding regular plan-review meetings, implementing an Investment Policy Statement and documenting the decision-making process.

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