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A Fair Inheritance is in the Eye of the Beholder by Lee F. Hediger

Posted on March 29, 2017

Leaving behind a lasting legacy and providing for surviving family members in the event of an individual’s death or disability takes time, patience and consideration of a broad range of non-financial issues. While there are times when an unequal division of property among heirs is preferable, consideration should be given […]

Am I Too Young to Consider Life Insurance? by Stefan Pastor

Posted on March 07, 2017

No one wants to think about death, especially twenty-something who are just beginning their post-college lives. However, depending on one’s personal circumstances, there’s no time like the present. Consider those millennials who have considerable student loans or a small car loan that was co-signed by their parents. In the unfortunate […]

The Government’s Win from Prince’s Death by Scott Montgomery, CLU, ChFC

Posted on February 28, 2017

April 2017 marks the one year anniversary of the untimely death of Prince, the legendary performer who passed away last year without a will or any plan for protecting an estate that has recently been valued at more than $200 million.  Without the benefit of a will or a revocable […]

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