Our team is dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals. The goals you have set for protecting your family, ensuring the long-term success of your business, living your dream retirement – for all the reasons you work, we are here to help make sure it lasts.

We strive to provide the confidence that a solid plan will give you. Our experienced investment advisors have experience in a number of planning disciplines. They work with you to tie together all of the traditional elements of estate planning into one comprehensive program that represents a true portfolio in which all of the pieces work in tandem

We streamline the complex components of estate planning – investments, insurance, business planning, trusts and charitable giving – into one comprehensive financial planning strategy designed to meet your retirement goals, protect your legacy and ensure that your heirs are cared for in the ways you wish. We do this by putting your interests first and taking an approach that is relationship-driven rather than transactional.

When you work with PWA, you will have a roadmap for success. It is not a static plan that you put on a shelf. Rather, it is an evolving blueprint that you modify when your life changes – when you get married, have children, start a business, welcome grandchildren, seriously think about retirement and receive an offer to buy your business. We consider it a life plan built on a strong foundation that can evolve when your priorities shift.

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