Our Teams

Your trusted advisor - providing a sounding board, creative engine and path-clearing approach to your goals.

Our advisors develop deep relationships with clients. We take a holistic approach to solving their problems and this is why many clients have grown up with our firm. They see us as a trusted advisor who provides a sounding board, creative engine and path-clearer to their goals.

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Financial Advisors and Service Teams

Investment Group

Insurance Group

  • PWA Director and Financial Advisor

  • Insurance Consultant; Not affiliated with PWA Securities, LLC

  • PWA Head of Insurance Services and Senior Business Manager

  • Brooke Martin, AALU

    Underwriting Analyst

  • Donna Lemenze

    Client Service Associate

Corporate Retirement Plans Group

  • PWA Director and Financial Advisor

  • PWA Head of Retirement Plan Consulting and Financial Advisor

  • Danielle Keyes

    Retirement Plan Consultant

  • Lillian Penney

    Retirement Planning Coordinator

Financial Planning Group

Operations and Compliance

  • PWA Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operations Officer

  • PWA Compliance and Operations Manager

  • Alan Kravec

    Compliance Officer

  • Accounting Manager

  • Naomi Valencia

    Marketing Manager

  • Melanie Bolster

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Lauren Bernal

    Senior Operations Associate

  • Mariela Pelati

    Accounting Associate

  • Victoria Perez

    Operations Associate

Firm Management