Business Structures, Buy/Sell Agreements and Business Succession Planning

The ability to build a company takes drive, creativity and execution. Business owners are unique in the additional challenges they face when planning their estates.

Many businesses are the main component of the owner’s estate. This adds a layer of complexity to long-range planning and many entrepreneurs benefit from an objective advisor.

We find that navigating buy/sell agreements and quarterbacking partnership discussions are among our most valuable services for entrepreneurs. We provide assistance and guidance in negotiating, creating and implementing business agreements between partners, family members and executives in companies of all sizes. In many cases, existing agreements are incomplete and expose owners to inappropriate risks. Our work identifies and helps to close these gaps.

We help business owners determine the most effective company structures to reduce liability exposure and solve income, estate and asset preservation issues. These issues are often weighed against a backdrop of complex family dynamics.

It’s critical to think about exit strategies early in your company’s life while you are putting your heart and soul into building it. Decisions you make in the middle and early stages can be of support or be detrimental when it is time to move to your next phase. Navigating an exit can be emotional and financially confusing. Our clients use us to be an objective sounding board when thinking through these tough decisions. The true value of the business, then timing of a change, any range of family obligations – all of these have an impact.

Whether your company remains in the family or if proceeds from an exit strategy become a sudden windfall, it is important to coordinate estate and investment planning. Our planners know the right questions to ask, the common mistakes to avoid and the tools that will help you reach your goals.

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