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The decision to invest in stocks is one that individuals must take the time to consider carefully, weighing the risks and rewards in the context of their unique facts and circumstances. In general, stocks carry far greater risks than other investments, such as bonds and cash. Investors must contend with market volatility based on economic […]

If you received a year-end bonus, congratulations! As gratifying as it may be to splurge on something you can enjoy immediately, you may want to take a few moments to consider how you can maximize those dollars for the long term. Following are seven smart money moves to help you use a windfall of money […]

Ever since the creation of the first investable index fund in 1975, investors have debated whether it is better to invest in actively or passively managed investments. Is one superior to the other? Not necessarily. Should you utilize one over the other? Probably not. With passively managed investments, your money is automatically put into securities […]

Death is often the furthest thing on the minds of twenty-somethings just beginning their careers and enjoying the freedom and opportunities that come with their post-college life. However, introductions into adulthood also come with a long list of responsibilities, liabilities and risks that require careful consideration and planning. In the unfortunate and tragic event that […]

Naming beneficiaries to receive proceeds from a life insurance policy or retirement account is a difficult decision that requires consideration of a range of factors. Because these selections supersede designations in your will, they are an important step in the estate-planning process that must be addressed with particular care and attention to detail. Selecting Beneficiaries […]

If you want to get in shape, you should establish healthy eating habits and a regular exercise schedule. Are you looking to play an instrument? Take lessons and start a routine of practicing regularly. The road to success is paved with positive behaviors and lifestyle choices. Retirement is no different. Following are six habits that […]

In a world where we conduct and share so much of our lives online, it is essential to consider what happens to our digital footprint after we pass away. Do family members have the usernames and passwords needed to access all your financial accounts and pay bills in your absence? Can they access all the […]

According to AARP’s latest report on elder financial exploitation, financial abuse of Americans aged 60 and older increased during the pandemic with an estimated $28.3 billion in losses. More startling is that in 72 percent of these crimes, the victim knew the perpetrator, who was either a caregiver, a fiduciary or a family member. Recognizing […]

The once idealized picture-perfect family of two parents and two-and-a-half children has faded as a growing number of married couples choose to live child-free. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of married couples without children has doubled over the past 45 years and is expected to continue on an upward trend. Despite the absence […]

Engaging in estate and financial planning without paying attention to taxes can be a fool’s errand. Tax awareness can be tantamount to all aspects of saving, investing and spending. Failure to consider the tax implications of any estate or financial plan component may negatively affect expected returns and result in significant tax liabilities. Tax Terms […]