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COVID-19 Forced Individuals to Plan for Worst-Case Scenarios By Kathleen Marteney, CRPC®

Among the most critical lessons learned from the COVID pandemic is that no one is immune from a job loss, a business closing, or a life-threatening illness. When these challenges occur, it is often too late to develop plans that you can put into motion instantly to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial hardships.

Generally, planning for life’s “what ifs” is far easier when you are employed, healthy and have the time and ability to control the outcome. It allows you to prioritize your needs from your wishes and develop the right strategies for accomplishing your goals, both financially and otherwise.

For example, many individuals were unprepared for government-mandated business closures, job furloughs and longer-term unemployment resulting from the pandemic. The lost income and delay in receiving unemployment benefits in each scenario caused people to make drastic spending cuts and put many into dire financial conditions for which they could not pay their basic living expenses. For others whose lives were taken by the virus, the absence of basic estate planning documents and other plans to care for surviving family members has been devastating.

Accepting one’s mortality can be overwhelming no matter your age, whether you are in your 20s or your 70s. However, by addressing these eventual realities today, while you are healthy, you can enjoy the time you have and plan for your survivors to be protected and cared for in the manner they deserve after you are game. Following are some critical tools you should create and review with your trusted financial advisors annually to avoid the stress of last-minute planning during a difficult time.

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Updated April 26, 2024