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Investing is no Place for Emotions and Knee-Jerk Reactions By Scott Montgomery, CLU, ChFC

The equity markets provide investors with opportunities to build wealth, but not without risks. Before putting any money into the public markets or any investment vehicles, you should take the time to consider your long-term goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. When these factors are accounted for in a well-thought-out strategy, you may be better prepared to ride out market swings and avoid the potentially devastating consequences of making emotionally charged financial decisions.

The problem with these knee-jerk reactions is that they are based on emotions rather than facts. They represent fears, anxiety, greed, overconfidence and/or desires rather than goals. Successful investors, however, understand that the movement of the markets is based on long term historic trends and short-term influences. They are practiced in the art of self-control and keeping their eyes on their long-term investment and retirement-savings plans. When market losses mount, they do not cash out. Rather, they understand that those short-term losses are only on paper, and, depending on the assets in their portfolios and their time horizons, they view those market dips as an opportunity to buy.

Sticking to a long-term investment strategy is not easy, especially amid changing economic factors and wide market swings. However, maintaining diligence and staying on course may be best accomplished with the support and insight of experienced financial advisors. They understand the importance of a diversified investment portfolio that meets an individual’s goals and time horizons and that may help reduce the impact of market volatility.

The professionals with Provenance Wealth Advisors work with individual investors, families and businesses to navigate through complex risks in order to build and preserve wealth for multiple generations.

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Posted on October 20, 2022