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In this episode, relatable finance guys discuss something that affects every American: the United States national debt. Listen as they discuss where the national debt currently stands, explore the factors that have contributed to its rise, and consider the potential impacts on our economy and everyday lives.

Geopolitical tensions have risen lately. In this episode, the relatable finance guys go over some of the recent events and discuss their implications for the economy and asset markets

Despite a rapid recovery from the height of the pandemic, the global economy faced a new set of challenges in 2022. What started as global economy embattled by supply chain issues was stressed further with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This amplified inflationary pressures, prompting central banks across the globe to raise rates at the […]

With many recessionary calls, many are looking for clues on how the economy is doing. Recent holiday sales data has come in better than expected, but does that tell the full story? In this episode the relatable finance guys take a look at various data points to see if they can provide clues as to […]

In this episode, the relatable finance guys assess the current strength of the economy, the outlook for the coming year and how these could impact investable asset returns.