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Planning for retirement is often the last thing recent college graduates will think about upon entering the job market and earning a steady income. However, there is no minimum age for individuals to start thinking about saving for the future, whether it is for the purchase of a new car or home, to support a […]

One of the most critical yet often forgotten steps in the estate-planning process is preparing a surviving spouse to take over a family’s financial affairs. Even if you checked off all the boxes on your estate-planning to-do list, creating a will, properly titling accounts, naming beneficiaries and structuring assets for tax efficiency, your plan may […]

The inflation adjustments to various provisions of the tax code increase significantly in 2022 due, in part, to rising consumer prices and inflation over the past 12 months. It is important to consider these changes as you engage in estate planning and preparing for tax efficiency this year and in the years ahead. However, it […]

Engaging in estate planning is the best way to ensure that your assets pass to your intended beneficiaries after your death. The more detailed and specific you are drafting your will, the better the chances your wishes will be followed. However, if you were to draw up your will today, listing all your personal possession […]

The House Budget Committee voted on September 25 to approve a proposed $3.5 trillion spending and tax bill to support the president’s economic agenda. As expected, the draft legislation includes provisions calling for higher taxes on the wealthy. However, it also includes a series of measures that would essentially nullify the benefits of some estate-planning […]

When second and third marriages result in the blending of two families, a complicated financial picture may emerge. Couples coming into a second or third marriage bring with them ex-spouses, children from previous relationships and financial responsibilities, assets and liabilities that may carry deep emotional attachments. Addressing these delicate issues from the onset will help […]

At some point, every parent must consider the possibilities of what will happen should they pass away before their children are old enough to care for themselves. This concern can be significantly more daunting when it involves special-needs children who may never become fully capable of living independently and supporting themselves. For these families, it […]

Trusts, once thought of as vehicles reserved for the wealthy, have been garnering attention from families at all income levels. In fact, trusts are becoming as ubiquitous as wills, providing individuals with the assurances that their wishes for asset distribution and care of loved ones will be followed upon their death and done so rather […]

As the Biden Administration crystalizes its campaign promise of tax reform, one thing is clear: there is a likely chance that wealthy taxpayers will pay higher taxes on income and investments in the future. Preparing for this potential shift requires efficient estate planning and nimble execution. The current administration calls for increasing the top income […]

Navigating through major life transitions is stressful, regardless of whether they are anticipated rites of passage, such as a marriage or birth of a child, or unexpected events, such as a divorce, personal illness or death of a spouse. While these changes are inevitable, they need not be emotionally or financially devastating when you take […]