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The Relatable Finance guys look back at their first 99 episodes, discuss some highlights and some key takeaways for all Relatable Finance listeners.

In this episode, the relatable finance guys discuss what the media means when they say rising interest rates and how this affects investors, borrowers and basically everyone. We also dive into how this has recently affected certain areas of the stock market.

This episode discusses some of the recent market volatility to start the year, and a recent market commentary letter from influential investor Jeremy Grantham.

In this episode, we discuss the various elements to the return you receive on investments including income, taxation and some of the different types of accounts you can invest through.

In this episode, the relatable finance guys discuss financial fraud, particularly the Madoff Ponzi scheme, and the regulations in place to protect investors from future fraud. This includes discussion on the SEC, FINRA and steps to take to keep your money safe.

In this episode, the relatable finance guys assess the current strength of the economy, the outlook for the coming year and how these could impact investable asset returns.