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A financial plan is a written document that lays out your future financial, business and lifestyle goals and maps out comprehensive strategies for achieving them. Contrary to popular belief, financial planning is not just for the wealthy. Rather, it is a critical planning tool that can help all individuals at all income levels make informed […]

It’s no secret that taxes can take one of the biggest bites out of your investment returns. Consequently, it’s important to thoroughly analyze the short- and long-term tax implications of your investment decisions with an eye toward achieving tax alpha, or the added value that comes from implementing strategies that effectively reduce tax burdens on […]

With the recent trip by House speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China has responded by conducting military drills after threating severe consequences if she were to do so. In this episode, the relatable finance guys provide some background on the China-Taiwan relations, some implications should conflict escalate further, and how this can be factored into […]

Asset diversification is an investment strategy that is designed to help investors minimize their exposure to market volatility while attempting to maximize their opportunities for high returns over the long term. While diversifying assets does not guarantee any investment objective will be met, spreading out investable dollars over a diverse mix of stocks, bonds, cash […]