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It’s no secret that taxes can take one of the biggest bites out of your investment returns. Consequently, it’s important to thoroughly analyze the short- and long-term tax implications of your investment decisions with an eye toward achieving tax alpha, or the added value that comes from implementing strategies that effectively reduce tax burdens on […]

In this episode, the relatable finance guys look at prior bear markets and clues on when the current market may start to move. Things such as the magnitude of the decline, the duration, and the time it takes for the market to recover can help one make better investment decisions.

In this episode the Relatable Finance guys discuss the fixed income markets and how the recent jump in interest rates have affected performance. They also go into how this is different than the past 40 years and the key factors that affect fixed income returns.

Ongoing supply chain challenges, prolonged inflation and geopolitical turmoil in Ukraine are stoking fears of a recession. Whether the Fed’s interest rate hikes can help to quell the threat of an extended recession depends on several factors, including a look at prior economic downturns. After all, those who do not learn from history are doomed […]

Special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, have garnered significant media and celebrity attention over the past few years, resulting in increased interest from investors. Amid more recent market turbulence, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has stepped up its regulatory authority over these acquisition vehicles, urging investors to conduct thorough due diligence before investing their […]

A unique phenomenon to come out of the pandemic has been a marked increase in the country’s personal savings rate despite record numbers of business closures and job losses. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the personal saving rate in July 2021 remained elevated at 9.8 percent, down from a high of 26.6 percent in […]

In this episode, the relatable finance guys share information on Evergrande Fortune Global 500, a large property developer in China that is in a serious cash crunch, and has significant amount of debt and liabilities due within the next year. Given the size of Evergrande and the amount of debt, some are concerned that should […]

In this episode, the relatable finance guys discuss the old saying “cash is king” in the context of a world of cryptocurrencies, historically low interest rates and global monetary easing.   Securities-Based Line of Credit provided by Raymond James Bank.

Novice investors often use the terms saving, investing and speculating interchangeably.  However, there are significant differences between each of these approaches to wealth accumulation. Savvy investors will understand these distinctions and recognize when one strategy may be preferential to another. Saving The dictionary defines saving as preservation from danger or destruction. When applied to personal […]

In this episode the relatable finance guys discuss the impact of small and consistent activity on your investment strategies.