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In a world where we conduct and share so much of our lives online, it is essential to consider what happens to our digital footprint after we pass away. Do family members have the usernames and passwords needed to access all your financial accounts and pay bills in your absence? Can they access all the […]

Families rarely give to charity solely for a tax break. Still, it is not unreasonable to consider that charitable giving historically has played an important role in tax-efficient wealth and estate planning. Although fewer families have qualified to write off charitable gifts following tax reform enacted in 2017, some recent COVID-relief packages have changed the […]

Leaving behind a lasting legacy and providing for surviving family members in the event of an individual’s death or disability takes time, patience and consideration of a broad range of non-financial issues. While there are times when an unequal division of property among heirs is preferable, consideration should be given how surviving family members will […]