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The threat of tax increases and a reduction to the federal estate tax exemption is something high-net-worth families must consider when planning for wealth preservation. One strategy investors and family offices are increasingly relying on to prepare for an eventual shift in tax policy is private placement life insurance (PPLI). The traditional goal of life […]

The more wealth a family acquires, the more tools they need to preserve those assets for future generations and protect them from the long arms of tax agencies in the U.S. and abroad. One such tool earning the attention of family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals worldwide is private placement life insurance (PPLI). In the simplest […]

Death is often the furthest thing on the minds of twenty-somethings just beginning their careers and enjoying the freedom and opportunities that come with their post-college life. However, introductions into adulthood also come with a long list of responsibilities, liabilities and risks that require careful consideration and planning. In the unfortunate and tragic event that […]

Life insurance is a vital estate planning tool intended to help you protect your surviving family members from significant financial burden and other economic risks that can occur when you pass away. In the simplest terms, a life insurance policy passes outside of probate to your beneficiaries, providing them with immediate funds to pay required […]

Among the most critical lessons learned from the COVID pandemic is that no one is immune from a job loss, a business closing, or a life-threatening illness. When these challenges occur, it is often too late to develop plans that you can put into motion instantly to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial […]