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When a person dies, the settling of his or her estate and the closing of his or her financial affairs begin. The entire process can be overwhelmingly stressful for grieving family members and quite time consuming, depending on the size of the decedent’s estate and the plans put in place before his or her passing. […]

People spend a significant amount of time building their wealth and carefully creating trusts and mapping out an estate plan to protect and preserve their assets for future generations. Yet, when it comes time to naming a trustee to carry out their wishes under the terms of a trust, many people stumble. Making the right […]

Trusts can play a critical role helping individuals protect their wealth and ensure the efficient and private transfer of assets to beneficiaries after their passing. However, because the depth of breadth of different trust instruments are so vast, individuals must carefully structure their trusts in such a way that meets their unique needs and goals. […]

Engaging in estate planning is the best way to ensure that your assets pass to your intended beneficiaries after your death. The more detailed and specific you are drafting your will, the better the chances your wishes will be followed. However, if you were to draw up your will today, listing all your personal possession […]

When second and third marriages result in the blending of two families, a complicated financial picture may emerge. Couples coming into a second or third marriage bring with them ex-spouses, children from previous relationships and financial responsibilities, assets and liabilities that may carry deep emotional attachments. Addressing these delicate issues from the onset will help […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has given individuals pause about their own mortality and their wishes for managing their affairs in the event they become too ill to make those decisions for themselves. During these times of uncertainty, it is wise to be proactive, take stock of your physical and financial health and determine how you wish […]

Thanks to expanded federal estate tax exemptions introduced in 2018, very few families have been subject to federal estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax. However, because the higher exemption is a temporary provision of the tax law and subject to change under the influence of shifting political powers, families must prepare their estate plans […]